By accessing or using Searchine services you agree to be bound to these Terms of Use. These terms of use can be revised or updated from time to time. By continuing the use of our services, you agree to the revised terms.


  • Searchine / we: Owner of this website and provides services to third party users on which the terms of use apply. Searchine is located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
  • User: Owner of any website or web-application using Searchine services.
  • You: the visitor / user


These general terms of use apply to all use of Searchine services. In order to use Searchine services you are required to create an account. By creating an account you agree to provide truthful and up-to-date information. You guarantee not to provide us with misleading or dishonest information. Registering as part of a company, results in the company to be bound by this agreement. As a private person, you are only allowed to create an account and use Searchine services, if you are at least 18 years of age. Searchine reserves the right to refuse your registration or use of services.

Using Searchine services

Searchine provides services to connect/integrate with third party websites or applications. As a User you can use several ways for integrating the service on your website or application. You will be able to use a light weight i-frame implementation, or an advanced custom implementation using the API.

We can assist while setting up Searchine for your website or application. For more advanced plan, some assistance based on fair use is included in the plan fee. For trial and basic plans, no assistance is included. Searchine can offer assistance against payment. Please contact us for more information.

Searchine indexes your website based on general search engine and web guidelines. We can only provide in results based on the data we find and store. Searchine can not guarantee that every website or application is fully compatible with Searchine and that all data on your website is being found.


As Searchine provides online/web-based services, the services can be temporarily unavailable or unresponsive. Searchine can not be held accountable or liable for any damage arising from the services being unavailable, or by providing incorrect behavior/data in any way. Searchine is allowed to temporarily disable or limit the services without prior notice at all times. We should be allowed to do so, in order to perform urgent maintenance or updates.

By accessing / using Searchine services, you agree the services are "as-is". Searchine can never be held responsible for incorrect behavior of the service or while processing data. We do our best to provide bug-free services, but using the service is at your own risk at all times.

Searchine reserves the right to modify or discontinue the services, but will notify users upfront within a reasonable timeframe.

Payment & Subscriptions

Searchine offers monthly subscriptions for their services, which are automatically renewed/extended by a month. The subscriptions are billed/charged monthly upfront, starting the date the payed subscription starts. As soon as the automatic periodic payment option is available, all subscriptions/payments are required to be processed using the automatic process. Until the automatic payment process is available, Searchine will sent invoices by e-mail, which should be payed by manual bank transfer within 14 days. All amounts paid are non-refundable.

Lack of payment or any delayed payment of the full amount, shall result in suspension of use of Searchine services, until complete payment is made by the user.

Searchine has the right to revise subscriptions and increase/decrease the service fee at all times. Notice will be given at least one month prior to the change of costs. If the User does not want to accept the increase, user may terminate the use of Searchine services before the increase of costs takes effect.

Searchine Profile

Using Searchine services requires an account for the Searchine portal. You are fully responsible for all actions taken under that account. You will make sure the account credentials remain private and you are the only one who can access your profile. Searchine cannot and will not be liable for any loss of data, or damage as a result of not complying this article. 

To maintain the security of your profile and Searchine services, you acknowledge full responsibility for actions taken by your account. You will make sure you will not take any actions which are prohibited by law or infringes trademarks, intellectual properties or copyright of others.

You agree to only use Searchine account and services for the purpose it is ment to. Searchine is allowed to block your access and use of services if we believe that you are acting in a way we can not accept.


For information about our privacy policy, please check our privacy policy.


You acknowledge that you use Searchine services at your own risk. As a User, you agree to indemnify Searchine and it's employees from any claim made due to your use of Searchine services.

All stored and indexed content, Searchine only acts within the role of hosting provider. Searchine has no control or liability over the content. The user is responsible for the website it instructs Searchine to index. As a user, you acknowledge that all data indexed and stored by Searchine is controlled by you and that Searchine has no further control over it.

Searchine will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use, or inability to use, of Searchine services.

In the case Searchine is held liable in any way, the liability shall never exceed the amount of which Searchine' liability is insured. In case the insurer of Searchine will not pay for the damage, the liability of Searchine will not exceed the total amount paid by the User within 6 months preceding these damages.


The terms of use will be interpreted in accordance with Dutch law and courts. Dutch law applies to all Searchine services and to any claim you may have against Searchine and the court in the place of Searchine her choice shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.


If you have any questions or conserns, please contact us using the contact form.